Even on Mars a Man’s Need a Beard Trimmer

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The Martian has been one of the most talked about films of 2015. A greater portion of the film is about a man who is abandoned on Mars, and how he’s trying to get back to his team, so they can get back to Earth. Since survival is important, Matt Damon’s character doesn’t bother shaving, and instead grows a beard. He’s too busy spending his time breathing and growing food. But it’s not a nice and well-kept beard, it’s long and scraggly. Should Matt’s beard have been shaved off at the end of the film? If you haven’t seen the movie, be aware that there may be spoilers about Matt Damon’s beard ahead.

Ridley Scott is well known for his extra-terrestrial movies, include Alien and his new film, the Martian. In the film, Matt Damon plays the character Mark Watney. If anyone should be abandoned on Mars, it’s Matt. Because his character is a happy, well-adjusted person, even when he’s been abandoned on the planet. He possesses the resources to get home alive. He makes great astronaut material, which is what one would expect when an astronaut is in distress.


The movie takes us through a set of scenes where Mark must solve one impossible problem after another. Mark retains a sweet grin, good humor, and self-deprecating charm. He learns how to grow his own food, and extract water from the air in order to survive. He turns his human waste into fertilizer for the plants.

According to the best electric shaver page many people who have watched the film hate that scraggly and unkempt beard that Matt wears throughout a greater portion of the film. When he finally use a beard trimmer, we rejoice. Can this be his smartest move yet? Even on Mars, apparently it’s essential to make a good impression.

While Mark Watney is racing against time to survive on Mars, his beard slowly grows and fills up his helmet. It’s uncertain just how much time has passed since he was abandoned on Mars, to the point where he’s ready to head to his Rover to get off. Once he’s reached the point where he wants to head out in his Rover, he has a look in the Mav’s mirror.


His beard represents his plunky dedication to life and all his brash but successful choices. He becomes introspective and considers what to do about it. He makes a big decision. It’s time to trim his hair and cut off his beard. Even though he could just neatly trim his beard instead of completely shaving it off, he doesn’t. These hairy aspects of himself shall remain on Mars.

For Mark, this is a cleansing ritual. He’s getting ready to return to his old life and his old self. He also wants to look good for when he meets up with his buddies again. There’s also the additional advantage that they won’t worry so much when they see him as his usual vibrant self.

Life on Mars is a lot different than life on earth. Many aspects can seem incomprehensible to people on Earth. It’s unclear how many days it took Mark to grow his hermit beard. In the film Mark Watney used a Wahl beard trimmer to remove his beard. Apparently it’s the best beard trimmer gear when you’re stuck on another planet.

But no matter whether a man is on Earth or Mars, he needs a great cordless electric razor to remain well-groomed. And that’s applicable to having either a clean well-kept beard, or none at all.